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    Personalized Learning for All

    As teachers we have all been there. Stuffed into a dimly lit room with a speaker droning on while bullet point after bullet point in a useless PowerPoint flies by. Educators often have no escape from mandated professional… Read More

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    Claim, Connect, Action: Making Teacher Feedback Effective

    Doing it right means so much more than getting it right. A lesson we have learned working with evaluators across the country, especially with teacher evaluations. At ReVision Learning we know the challenges of observing teachers, collecting evidence,… Read More

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    Accuracy will Never be Enough in Educator Evaluation

    What answer do you think you will get when you ask the average teacher which they would prefer: Have an evaluator observe and tell them what they did during the lesson? OR Have an evaluator help them understand… Read More

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    Making Sense of Educator Evaluation

    As an educational community, it is time to reconsider our current approach to educator evaluation. Changes made over the past five years have turned performance review into a series of events strung together to monitor either teacher or… Read More

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    Feedback on Teacher Performance is Not an Event

    It took twenty years of dialogue and professional learning to begin to break down the walls in educational leadership practice that distinguished a principal’s role as an instructional leader versus a manger of budget and buses. The new… Read More